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AGI’s Business Continuity Management

Being prepared for the unforeseen is a Smart Business Decision

Threats Both Internal And External Are Ever Present. Are You Prepared?

When you least expect it, an unforeseen incident can cause massive disruption to your business. Being prepared with an action plan is critical to enhance resilience against threats.

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We Start By Analyzing Your Business And Identifying Mission Critical Functions

There are many functions of a business, that when any one fails, it can lead to a massive operational disruption. We will catalogue these functions and analyze their role in overall operation.

Independent and unbiased review of business operations

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We Identify Risks Based On Your Business Operations

Every critical business operation comes with associated failure risks. By acknowledging these risks, you will have a better understanding of potential threats and can react with improved efficiency.

We Provide Contingency Plans For Every Aspect Of Your Business

Once we clearly identify all potential risks, we outline a post-disaster contingency plan covering all mission critical functions to help your business resume to normal operations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Every contingency will be workable, reviewable and accountable

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The Plan Can Be Executed By Incorporating It Into Existing SOPs

You can then easily incorporate proposed contingencies into your own SOPs for a higher state of awareness and improved initial response to an incident or disaster.

Higher risk awareness leads to improved preparedness.

With a BCM plan, your preparedness is enhanced, minimizing disruptions and financial losses.





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