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Experience Comprehensive and Objective Scientific Findings

Uncover the truth, SWIFTLY and COST EFFECTIVELY

Incidents Can Happen Without Notice.

Be it fraud or otherwise, every incident has a cause. From the moment the unfortunate happens, all efforts must be geared towards uncovering the hows and the whys. Find out what to do when there is an incident.

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We Can Be On-scene Within 24 Hours, Anywhere

At AGI, we’re ready to investigate any commercial disaster or failure at a moment’s notice. Just one call and we can be on-scene in 24 hours.

Qualified, certified and competent in-house forensic scientists and engineers.landing-24hour-note

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We Talk To Witnesses Before The Scene Examination

Our first step on scene is to establish the circumstances surrounding the incident by conducting interviews and getting signed statements from witnesses.

Evidence Identification & Retrieval

We meticulously comb the scene to identify and photograph all potential physical evidence present, and then systematically collect for analysis.

Every investigation is treated as if it will end up in court.

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Evidence Sent For Laboratory Analysis

Evidence samples are tested and analyzed to assist in determining the origin and cause of the incident.

AGI’s laboratories are ISO compliant, certified and accredited.

Immediate Advice – Within 24 Hours Progress Report – Within 7 Days

Clients will be appraised on new developments at regular intervals without compromising on the independence and objectivity of the investigation.

We keep clients informed throughout the investigation process.

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A Comprehensive Final Report Is Presented Within 30 Days

Within 30 days from our arrival on-scene, a comprehensive, conclusive yet easy-to-understand report will be presented to our Principal.

Finally, We Offer Risk Minimization Recommendations

As a value-added service, we offer recommendations based on our findings to help minimize the recurrence of similar incidents in the future.

When you engage the Approved Forensics team, it means you get the best scientists and engineers with the right expertise on the job.








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