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AGI Welcomes Newest Addition to Its Team of Expertise

posted on September 2, 2020 / IN Fire and Explosion Investigation /

It is with great enthusiasm that Approved Group International (AGI) welcomes two new advisors into its existing board of seasoned scientists and engineers for risk prevention – Dr. Leslie Leong and Dr. Manmohan Yadav. Dr. Leslie, known as a reliable consultant and an orthopaedic surgeon, is also the director of L3M International that distributes quality sterilization for Coronavirus in the current global market. Dr. M. Yadav, on the other hand, is a well-known virologist in the medical world that has received many honours for his contribution of research articles in various topics.

This is not the first time AGI has successfully identified top specialists in the market it operates in. Since its founding in 2001, AGI has consistently brought together seasoned forensic scientists and engineers, as well as experienced restoration specialists. Now, AGI consists of multi-disciplinary specialists who live and breathe as one to provide holistic and comprehensive services, which includes risk prevention, forensic investigation, equipment and plant restoration, damage assessment, and sanitisation. For a turbulent time such as this, nevertheless, AGI has made robust decision to contribute to the relentless combating of Coronavirus, Covid-19, by incorporating expertise exclusive to the virus’ risk prevention. Certainly, catering to the urgency of well-being more than market penetration during the pandemic, AGI confides in the fact that Dr. Leslie and Dr. M. Yadav are eminent expansion of assets to the body of expertise AGI holds.

Dr. Leslie Leong

Consultant, orthopaedic surgeon and Director of L3M

Dr. Leslie is an orthopaedic surgeon with specialisation in hip and knee surgery and osteoporosis. His humble beginnings in orthopaedics started from his graduation from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 1991. Following his graduation, Dr. Leslie obtained his Master of Medicine (Surgery) and Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) in 1997. Prior to entering private practice, Dr. Leslie was appointed as the Consultant and Director of the Adult Reconstruction (AR) Service at Changi General Hospital (CGH), Visiting Consultant to St Andrew’s Community Hospital and Spastic Children Association of Singapore, as well as the Clinical Lecturer of the Faculty of Medicine, National University of Singapore. In 2002, Dr. Leslie joined a year and a half of clinical fellowship in Toronto, Canada.

Year 2001 in particular, was a remarkable year for Dr. Leslie. He was awarded by the Ministry of Health Manpower Development Programme (HMDP) Scholarship to train at Toronto Western Hospital in Adult Reconstruction in Hip and Knee Arthroplasty. For AGI, Dr. Leslie’s achievements since the start of his career is evidently tremendously transformative and carries the potential to bring more impact to the well-being of people when capacitated effectively. As a local and regional expert in osteoporosis, Dr. Leslie has performed live and demonstration surgeries, given lectures and courses on many aspects of osteoporosis, conducted research and trainings, while also actively being involved in the medical missions field to the needy in neighbouring countries.

Now, Dr. Leslie leads L3M International Pte. Ltd. to compliment and aide TOMI Environmental Solutions Inc (TOMI USA) as its representative in the South East Asia Region. As the founding member of L3M, Dr. Leslie gives much of his focus to TOMI’s SteraMist® technology. TOMI’s SteraMist® provides a new way of sterilization or decontamination for today’s emerging pathogens (SARS CoV-2/Covid–19) and mutating resistant bacteria, bacteria spores, and viruses – a worthy addition to the Virus / Covid-19 Sterilization and Containment segment of AGI. With its proven efficacy, AGI is thrilled to work alongside the expertise of Dr. Leslie as the global community continues to recover and move in the face of the pandemic.


Dr. Manmohan Yadav


Dr. M. Yadav joined the University of Western Australia where he completed his doctoral thesis in 1969 on neonatal immune mechanisms of macropod marsupials on a University Scholarship. Later, he conducted further pioneering research on the role of the thymus in marsupials on a Nuffield Postdoctoral Fellowship.

As a virologist, Dr. M. Yadav’s passion for the study of immunity came into larger shape when he established a course in Immunology for Master and PhD thesis immediately after joining the University of Malaya in 1970. Then, he began to pioneer research studies jointly with the University Hospital Paediatric Department to study milk allergy among infants due to the concerning rate of morbidity and mortality in children three decades ago. In year 1974, Dr. M. Yadav visited the Institute of Immunology at University of Toronto for the prestigious IDRC Research Fellowship.

Apart from the contribution of over 40 research papers on the study of immunology, Dr. M. Yadav also began to develop a research interest towards investigating the role of viruses in the formation of cancer as an aspiring virologist. His research papers were often published in prestigious journals, books and conferences, with over 245 research papers and abstracts referred by international and national journals.

Due to his significant contributions as a virologist, Dr. M. Yadav has received many honours:


Visiting Professor to College de France in Paris as an invitee of the French Government.


World Health Organization fellow at University College, London.


The first Malaysian recipient of Yamagiva-Yoshida memorial international award at the National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, and the Mayo Clinic Guggenheim Building, Rochester.


First Malaysian recipient of the prestigious Eleanor-Roosevelt International Fellowship at the National Cancer Institute, Fredrick, USA.


President of the Malaysian Society of Health


MSH Gold Medal

Now, Dr. M. Yadav is attached to Pantai Medical Centre in Bangsar as an Allergist and visits Global Doctors Hospital in Mont Kiara.

John Horswell, the CEO of AGI, conveyed his confidence in welcoming the two experienced advisors, “Welcome to the Team, to both Dr. Yadav and Dr. Leslie. They are both eminently qualified medical practitioners in their relevant fields Dr. Yadav in Virology and Dr. Leslie an Orthopedic Surgeon & South East Asian representative of TOMI Steramist.” AGI is greatly honoured to have both advisors coming on-board.

By Approved Group International (AGI)

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