Vehicle Collision Investigation – Motorcycle and Motorcar

AGI Vehicle Collision Investigation

At about 1740 hours on Sunday, 29 September 2013, a motorcycle (hereinafter referred to as The Motorcycle) driven by Mr. X collided with a motorcar (hereinafter referred to as The Car) driven by Ms A was reported to have occurred at the traffic light junction of Jalan Semarak and the slip road onto the West-bound lanes of the ‘Duta-Ulu Klang Expressway’.

Failure of a Kiln Burner at a Cement Plant

AGI Failure Of A Kiln Burner At A Cement Plant

The operation for Kiln 3 at a cement plant was stopped at 11.25pm due to red spot (brick failure). Investigation indicates that the air channel pipe was “missing”, which resulted in a distorted flame shape. This is because the primary function of the air channel pipe is said to shape the flame and swirl the air whilst introducing the coal dust, to enable efficient combustion.

Water Damage Assessment

AGI Water Damage Assessment

Water, as simple as it sounds, can cause hundreds to thousands worth of damage. Various items can be damaged by water such as wood furniture, carpets, electronics and appliances in commercial buildings or residential households. Water damage can originate from different sources such as broken or leaking pipes, clogged pipes, water pump failure, natural disasters such as flood and rain. Insurance policy normally would cover the cost associated with water damage. Hence, water damage assessment is important to verify the water-affected items as well as to determine the severity of the damage.

Crane Failure Investigation

AGI Crane Failure Investigation

At approximately 0840 hours on Thursday, 1 August 2013, it was reported that hoist crane No ‘2’ had fallen after hoisting a set of screws. Further inspection conducted on the hoist crane revealed that one of the planetary wheel gears inside the gearbox had fractured. No casualty was reported at that time as the mill was not in production.