What Happens In A Vehicle Damage Investigation?

What happens in a vehicle damage investigation?

Research has demonstrated that road accidents occur more frequently during festive seasons, leading to an increase in claims around this period. Vehicle damage repairs can cost a fortune and one of the key parts of the rectification process is the insurance claim. However, a Vehicle Damage Investigation (VDI) is often done to determine the consistency … Read more

Using 3D Matterport During Site Visits

AGI have acquired 3D Matterport and are planning to send it to seventeen different countries around the world for the relevant authorities to capture the 3D-images of fire sites, water damaged sites, etc., independent of human intervention. With an error of only one percent, this revolutionary camera is a technological feat, surpassing human capability and defying human fallibility.

John Horswell as Expert Witness in Cradle Fund Murder Trial

Cradle Fund - AGI

With a solid 44 year combined experience in law enforcement and forensic sciences, John Horswell is renowned for scientifically investigating the cause of a fire and explosion. In July 2020, John Horswell is invited to assist a high profile murder trial of Nazrin Hassan in Malaysia. John Horswell’s expertise is needed to cross-examine the prosecution … Read more