Did Lightning Damage the Printing Machine?

Did lightning damage the printing machine

On 24 December 2019, one of the printing machines in a local signage manufacturing company reportedly malfunctioned during the start up. The malfunction was discovered by the director of the company when the machine was being started up for routine cleaning. The Ultraviolet printing machine (UVPM) failed to function when it was switched on, however, … Read more


Lifts are key machines in any multi-story building and help save thousands of hours in valuable time, energy and effort. To ensure that they consistently work and serve you better, regular maintenance is very important as a lift that is not installed properly or maintained regularly is a ticking time bomb. Having your lift regularly … Read more

Compressor Failed. WHY?

Compressor Failed. WHY?

A Second Stage Compressor (SSC) failed at an air collection company. Prior to the incident, a power failure occurred on the same day at 1700 hours which caused the Main Air Compressor (MAC), which houses the SSC, to trip.