Braving the Deluge: AGI’s Remarkable USD $200 Million Recovery Effort in Southeast Asia’s Flood Crisis

Nature’s wrath knows no bounds. When torrential rains battered Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, they left more than just puddles in their wake. As industries faced potential ruin, AGI stepped up, proving that human resilience and expertise can indeed turn the tide. 1. The Waters That Brought Havoc: This wasn’t just a heavy downpour. The floods … Read more

A Makeshift Bomb

A makeshift bomb

Beirut Explosion, 2020 A catastrophic explosion in Lebanon’s capital Beirut killed more than 200 people from 14 nationalities and injured another 7000. Within a few minutes on August 4, 2020, presented history’s largest accidental non-nuclear explosion. The damage caused was immeasurable, the massive blast created a 140m wide crater and an earthquake of 3.3 magnitude. … Read more