Damage Assessment in Indonesia: the Varnish Machine

The manufacturing landscape of Indonesia witnessed a significant incident. A fire erupted at a prominent facility, centering around a specialized varnish machine designed for applying ultraviolet (UV) coatings. Discovered during the early morning hours, the fire was swiftly contained using portable fire extinguishers and a water hydrant. Investigations revealed that the UV coating section of … Read more

The Crucial Role of Qualifications in Forensic Geotechnical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Fire Investigation, Risk Assessment, and Lift Damage Assessment

In the specialized fields of forensic geotechnical, civil, structural engineering, fire investigation, risk assessment, and lift damage assessment, qualifications stand as a testament to a professional’s dedication, depth of expertise, and credibility. Here’s why these qualifications are of paramount importance: Showcasing Our Team’s Expertise: Two (2) Professors, Five (5) Doctors, and Six (6) Professional Engineers … Read more

Demystifying Explosion Incidents: A Deep Dive into Expert Explosion Investigation Techniques

Explosion incidents can wreak havoc, leading to significant loss of life and property. Unravelling the causes of these catastrophes is essential for improved safety and prevention of future occurrences. Explosion investigation is a challenging and specialized field that requires seasoned experts, a methodical approach, and advanced technology. In this engrossing blog, our adept professionals share … Read more

Expert Fire Investigations: Unravelling the Mysteries for Enhanced Safety and Prevention

The devastating impact of fire incidents is felt worldwide, resulting in significant property damage, loss of life, and emotional distress. To bolster fire prevention and safety, it’s crucial to uncover the root causes and origins of these events. Expert fire investigation is a highly specialized discipline that necessitates a blend of in-depth knowledge, scrupulous attention … Read more

Investigating the Electrifying World of EV Fires: How Tesla’s Software Updates Ensure Safety for Insurers and Loss Adjusters

As insurers and loss adjusters, we are no strangers to the ever-growing field of electric vehicle investigation. Electric vehicles (EVs) have taken the world by storm, and Tesla has become a household name with its eye-catching designs and impressive performance. However, along with these advancements comes the challenge of electric vehicle fire incidents. Fear not, … Read more

A Makeshift Bomb

A makeshift bomb

Beirut Explosion, 2020 A catastrophic explosion in Lebanon’s capital Beirut killed more than 200 people from 14 nationalities and injured another 7000. Within a few minutes on August 4, 2020, presented history’s largest accidental non-nuclear explosion. The damage caused was immeasurable, the massive blast created a 140m wide crater and an earthquake of 3.3 magnitude. … Read more


An investigation into storage tank implosion

Used widely across many industries, storage tanks are durable and long-lasting. However, many run the risk of damage if proper care is not practised. An imploded tank can cause your business valuable time and finances, so read on to discover one of the common causes of this equipment failure and what to look out for.


Fire, broken down machines, electrical and motor vehicle failures can grind operations to a halt and cost businesses a lot of money. When unfortunate incidents like these happen, companies would want to find the cause of the problem, fix it, and get compensated by their insurers as quickly as possible to resume operations. On the … Read more