Comprehensive Facility Management Solutions for a Resilient Asia: Elevating Standards Across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and India

Facility management in Asia’s dynamic markets—Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and India—plays a pivotal role in ensuring business continuity and operational efficiency. Approved Group International stands at the forefront of this essential industry, offering a suite of comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of facility and building managers. From elevator audits to disaster restoration, … Read more

AGI’s Exciting New Venture: Hello, Bangladesh!

The global landscape of Forensic Investigation and Disaster Restoration is witnessing a thrilling development. Approved Group International (AGI), a titan in the industry, is spreading its wings further. After making a mark in Malaysia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, and Thailand, AGI is now ready to introduce its unparalleled services and state-of-the-art technology for forensic investigation in … Read more

Demystifying Explosion Incidents: A Deep Dive into Expert Explosion Investigation Techniques

Explosion incidents can wreak havoc, leading to significant loss of life and property. Unravelling the causes of these catastrophes is essential for improved safety and prevention of future occurrences. Explosion investigation is a challenging and specialized field that requires seasoned experts, a methodical approach, and advanced technology. In this engrossing blog, our adept professionals share … Read more

Cochran Boiler Failure Investigation

AGI - Cochran boiler failure investigation

The Back Story Approved Group International (AGI) was called out to a site visit involving an incident with a Cochran Boiler, that had happened in the previous months. AGI carried out a meticulous survey on the boiler, along with Dr. Boiler’s 3 step framework and a detailed interview with those personnel directly involved and present … Read more


On the night of 22 August 2020, a Hotel’s Maintenance & Engineering (M&E) Manager was doing his patrolling rounds when he was informed of an incident involving the shattering of a glass door which injured a hotel guest. Upon enquiry, it was understood that the incident happened in one of rooms of the Hotel and … Read more