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AGI’s Exciting New Venture: Hello, Bangladesh!

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The global landscape of Forensic Investigation and Disaster Restoration is witnessing a thrilling development. Approved Group International (AGI), a titan in the industry, is spreading its wings further. After making a mark in Malaysia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, and Thailand, AGI is now ready to introduce its unparalleled services and state-of-the-art technology for forensic investigation in Bangladesh.

From Humble Beginnings to Global Dominance

Starting off in the heart of Singapore, AGI’s initial focus was on Disaster Restoration, breathing life back into equipment affected by calamities. As time rolled on, the firm diversified, absorbing top-tier talent from places like Australia and the USA, and adding Forensic Investigation to its arsenal. Fast forward to today, and AGI is a global sensation, serving clients in a staggering 35 countries.

By the Numbers: AGI’s Trail of Triumphs

Let’s break down AGI’s journey by the impressive numbers:

  • A collective experience of 105 years spanning various domains like Forensic Investigation, Damage Assessment, and Disaster Restoration.
  • Insurers have saved an astonishing USD 1B+ thanks to AGI’s expertise.
  • An enviable 99% client satisfaction rate.
  • A record of 8,100 forensic mysteries unravelled.
  • A whopping 10,700 restoration projects brought to fruition.
  • From delving deep into Fire Investigations to pioneering Drone Flying and Digital Twins, AGI’s service palette is as diverse as it is vast. (For the curious minds, a deep dive into their services tab is a must!)

Shining Bright: AGI’s Trophy Cabinet

It’s not just about the work, it’s about the recognition. AGI’s dedication has been celebrated with accolades such as:

Bangladesh Beckons: AGI’s Next Adventure

Bangladesh is not just another pin on AGI’s global map; it’s a promise of innovation and expertise. AGI is gearing up to introduce Bangladesh to futuristic tools like drones, digital twin tech, simulations, and animations. As forensic investigation in Bangladesh surges ahead in its tech journey, AGI’s entry is like a cherry on the cake, promising top-notch services and solutions. Wrapping up, AGI’s foray into Bangladesh is more than just an expansion; it’s a commitment to infuse the region with world-class services. As they set foot in this vibrant country, we can only say, “Bangladesh, you’re in for a treat!” Welcome aboard, AGI!

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Our mission is to provide scientific approach to forensic investigation, failure analysis and non-destructive testing; professional and economical disaster restoration.

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