Whether it be a single spark or a full fire, a drop of water or torrential flood, every property is susceptible to damage, whether it be residential or commercial.

Damage can affect everything from the financially sensitive, to the dearly sentimental, but in either scenario, AGI’s disaster restoration services are committed to restoring your property, and it’s contents to full order.

AGI also acknowledges that all disaster restoration operations are time sensitive both in terms of peace of mind and your bottom line, so rest assured we will be on site as soon as practicably possible.

No matter the cause of disaster to your property and contents, AGI has a range of damage restoration services to help you recover


TOP QUESTIONS on Disaster Restoration

Disaster restoration is the decontamination and/or reconstruction of spaces, machines, buildings, or other areas affected by fire, smoke, water, mould growth, or other natural or man-made events.

Disaster recovery is a subset of disaster restoration. Where disaster restoration is the process of decontamination, repairing, and replacing any contents, machines or structure damaged by natural or man-made disasters, disaster recovery deals with the backup, storage, protection, and retrieval of data in case of equipment or system failure.

A disaster restoration company is a company that restores properties back to their pre-disaster conditions resulting from fires, storms, flooding, and other calamities.

A disaster restoration company's primary goal is to get the customer's property restored and back to pre-disaster conditions. A disaster restoration company restores a property by removing damaged materials, contents, and any hazardous materials such as chemicals, biohazardous waste, or asbestos. Once a property is decontaminated, it can be repaired or reconstructed to its pre-disaster state.

Disaster restoration companies are hired by contacting them directly or through your insurance companies. You can also find a disaster restoration company through an internet search or by asking for recommendations from family members, friends, neighbors, real estate agents, contractors, and loss adjusters.

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