Forensic Investigation

When it comes to legal proceedings, the word ‘incident’ is simply not sufficient

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Whether it is due to fraud or error, there is always a cause to be found for any unfortunate event. When the unforeseen does occur, AGI can be on-scene anywhere within 24 hours to support you with full forensic investigation services. 

Approved Group International’s (AGI) team of experienced forensic investigators and forensic engineers have a full array of modern technologies and examination techniques at their disposal — their goal being to uncover the absolute truth, swiftly and cost effectively. 

Forensic Investigation

Once the root cause of the incident is uncovered, AGI’s forensic investigation services can assist in loss mitigation, put systems in place for future protection, and provide legally robust reporting that will stand up in any court of law.

Forensic investigation is AGI’s paramount expertise, and is on hand at all times with a wide range of expertise to help you move forward when the unfortunate occurs.

Forensic Investigation in Malaysia


TOP QUESTIONS on Forensic Investigation

The application of science which enables a study and resolution of problems in the legal arena, Civil or Criminal.

The overall forensic case management which may include applying more than one scientific disciplines or subdisciplines to legal issues together with its coordination and application in presenting a case before a legal tribunal.

Forensic engineering is a field of expertise which uses a combination of general and specialist engineering knowledge and understanding to resolve the problems in the forensic field. They investigate equipment, product, machine, or structural failures to determine the causation, optimise the processes to address and mitigate the risk, implement corrective action to improve the safety aspects, ultimately develop the objective findings of the failure for any resultant legal proceedings.

Forensic engineers may work anywhere where a product, machine, structure, or material has failed. This means that a forensic engineer could work in construction sites, hospitals, power plants, manufacturing plants, distribution warehouses, or anywhere where a thorough investigation is required.

A forensic engineer's primary role is to evaluate and diagnose the cause of failure in the process, system, and products in a holistic approach, in conjunction with the study of the events which have led to an incident. Having identified the problem, a forensic engineer is capable of giving recommendations and suggestions to improve reliability and safety in the future and provide documentation for any legal action that follows the incident.

At the very minimum a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. Higher-level forensic engineering roles will require a master’s degree or doctorate in an engineering discipline. A solid foundation of scientific understanding and engineering principles, relevant exposure to a variety of projects and hands-on experience will prepare a Forensic Engineer with the adequate knowledge to present in-depth investigation findings.

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