It is no exaggeration to say lifts are crucial components for mobility in a modern multi-story facility, and to have one breakdown is not just a problem for foot traffic, it creates a legitimate safety hazard, that may very well affect customer retention.

In the unfortunate event a lift does display signs of fault, AGI’s damage assessment services team will make it their priority to visit your site with the urgency required to ensure minimal downtime.

AGI lift inspection and damage assessment service uses non-destructive investigation techniques such as close-up photography and 3D modelling to diagnose any one of the follow cause for fault:

  • Lift overrun
  • Lightning damage
  • Fire and resulting byproducts, e.g. soot or smoke
  • Flooding and water damage
  • Mechanical failure
  • Electrical failure
  • Electronic failure
  • A combination of causes


Above all, AGI’s lift inspection and damage assessment service team’s aim is to ensure minimum equipment downtime, to keep foot traffic moving, and reduce any chance of customer downturn. If necessary, AGI can review third party contractor bids for any repairs or replacements to ensure the best price possible.

At the conclusion of AGI’s lift inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report that covers the cause (or causes) of the failure, liability assessments, as well as any applicable breaches of policy or warranty. That report will be entirely suitable for the highest scrutiny in a court of law.

For a real world case study of AGI’s lift inspection services (at SC Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur),