Sometimes in damage assessment services, the reasons for an equipment fault are plain to see, whether it be water damage, fire damage, or obvious structural failure. There are also times however when equipment fails for no obvious or apparent reason, and therefore requires a more thorough, technical approach to diagnosis.

Unseen faults in any form of machinery or equipment can include:

  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Impact damage
  • Damage due to power surge
  • Lightning damage
  • Damage to electrical electronic equipment, and components



AGI’s technical inspection and damage assessment service team are experts in searching for the root cause of fault in all manner of equipment breakdown, using a wide range of cutting edge, non-destructive techniques:

  • Close-up photography
  • 3D imaging
  • Precision measurement
  • Microscopic analysis
  • Chemical analysis
  • Onsite metallurgy analysis
  • Onsite electronic test and analysis
  • Onsite electrical test and analysis



Once the fault is diagnosed, AGI’s damage assessment service can give you repair or replacement advice, and even review third party contractor bids to ensure the best result, and price possible.

Every part of the technical inspection process is based around reducing downtime, costs, and the effect on your bottom line.

In some cases. ensuing legal action may be a central part of technical inspections, so AGI will compile an extensive, court-ready report that will cover topics such as cause, liability and policy breaches where appropriate.

To learn more about how AGI’s technical inspection services can diagnose, report, repair, and replace equipment faults, click here.

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