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SteraMist Vs New Coronavirus Strain

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New Coronavirus Strain – What Scientists Know

The Coronavirus makes copies of itself to spread and infect its target (in this case, human lungs). Over time, the virus is bound to mutate.

A new strain of viruses, code-named B.1.1.7, was recently discovered and traced back to the UK.

The mutation changes the shape of the virus’s spike protein, which makes the virus a better fit for the targeted lung cells that they were designed to infect. 

It is too soon to scientifically prove that the new Coronovirus strain is more deadly or is more contagious. 

But common sense would suggest that due to the improved shape of the protein spikes, the virus would have a higher chance of infecting someone who has inhaled the virus.

How SteraMist Could Fight Off the New Strain

Regardless of the virus mutation, SteraMist sprays fine mists of hydroxyl radicals that has been proven to deactivate the Coronavirus.

The ionized solution dissolves the outer lipid membrane of the virus. Without the lipid membrane holding the virus & its contents together, Coronavirus and potentially any other protein mutation in the future is deactivated.

Protect Your Home & Business Now

Regardless of the mutation, attacking the foundation of the virus is proven to be a resilient and robust strategy to protect your business and home from any new potential strains of pathogens, especially the Coronavirus.

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