What Could Cause a Chimney to Collapse?

At approximately 1620 hours on Sunday, 15 December 2019, the shift leader at a boiler system company heard a loud noise coming from the outside area of the premises. He rushed out and saw that the chimney had collapsed. Acting quick, he alerted the production team and shut down the boiler operation. There was heavy … Read more

Humpty Dumpty – The Crane Toppled

Humpty Dumpty - The Crane Toppled

We came across numerous cases where mobile cranes were reported to have tipped over during the lifting of loads of steel bars, cement, bricks, tools and machinery. There are several factors which contributed to the toppling of a mobile crane during lifting operation.

Compressor Failed. WHY?

Compressor Failed. WHY?

A Second Stage Compressor (SSC) failed at an air collection company. Prior to the incident, a power failure occurred on the same day at 1700 hours which caused the Main Air Compressor (MAC), which houses the SSC, to trip.