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Using 3D Matterport During Site Visits

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Fires, unless they’re started for a legitimate reason, as in for a necessary (your barbecue or your chimney) or fun (your bonfire or campfire or fireworks) cause, are never good news for anyone. As such, fire investigation matters to many people. It matters to insurance companies, to crime-scene and forensic investigators, and especially to business-owners and home-owners who have suffered a loss. The very word ‘investigation’ entails close examination of a particular scene, yet how does this happen if it isn’t possible for those involved to be at the scene?

Decidedly, COVID-19 has changed the way the world works. Many of us work from home now. Some of us have gone back out into the world, especially since the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) was put into place. Yet, even though Malaysia has been exemplary in controlling and impeding the disease, this is no reason to let our guard down, because there is still a raging pandemic out there. Much of our old way of life is still restricted, and many of us still face constraints. And yes, our movements are still being watched. We don’t have the liberty of going everywhere we need and want to go.

This is why we at AGI have acquired 3D Matterport and are planning to send it to seventeen different countries around the world for the relevant authorities to capture the 3D-images of fire sites, water-damaged sites, etc., independent of human intervention. With an error of only one percent, this revolutionary camera is a technological feat, surpassing human capability and defying human fallibility. With a resolution of 134 megapixels and 3D accuracy, this is phenomenal state-of-the-art technology at the fingertips and the capacity for 4K print quality photography will ensure that all that needs to be detected and documented will be done so with the utmost integrity.

Those at the other end of the equation, the ones we’ve sent the 3D Matterport to, capture all that needs to be captured and send it back to us for our teams to analyse. And the results bear all scrutiny. People talk about future technology and the wonders it will bring. Well, the future is no longer a distant imagining – it’s here, and it’s now.

We at AGI are always on our guard. Because we are always on your guard. We understand that although the world as we knew it has changed drastically, your needs and standards haven’t. We know you still require safety and security and peace of mind. This is why we’ve always got you covered. With AGI and the 3D Matterport taking care of things and seeking redemption for you from your loss, you can go to bed at night and sleep in peace knowing that we’re wide awake and that we’ve got you covered.

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Our mission is to provide scientific approach to forensic investigation, failure analysis and non-destructive testing; professional and economical disaster restoration.

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