AGI Will Detect If You Forged Your Spouse’s Signature

AGI Will Detect If You Forged Your Spouse's Signature

A discipline in forensic sciences which concerns in evaluating documents which are disputed in the legal system. The main goal of forensic questioned document experts is to examine the characteristics of a document and to determine if a document is authentic or altered based on scientific interpretation and reasoning.

Soil Sleuth

AGI Soil Sleuth

Referring to a real case that we handled back in the year 2008, soil evidence played an important role in solving this case. The case was about a vehicle sustained impact damage after the driver tried to avoid a motorcycle without headlamp.

Signature Authorship Determination

AGI Signature Authorship Determination

The forensic team of Approved Forensics Sdn Bhd (AFSB) was approached to determine the authorship of signatures on agreement documents. Since the agreement involves legal transactions, clients required our service to determine if the signatures on the questioned documents and the reference documents are signed by the same person.

Lightning Investigation

AGI Lightning Investigation

A Reverse Angle Photo Finish Camera (RAPFC), located at the finishing post of a horse racing track, was reported to have failed. The incident was discovered by the operator when he noticed that the computer at the Stipes and Judge room failed to establish a connection to the RAPFC at the Finishing Post.

Gas Turbine Explosion Investigation

AGI Gas Turbine Explosion Investigation

At approximately 1300 hours on Saturday, 14 December 2013, a loud bang resembling an explosion was heard at the exhaust ducting of Gas Turbine Generator (GT) 1 after eleven (11) attempts of ignition during the maintenance period.