Damage Assessment in Indonesia: the Varnish Machine

The manufacturing landscape of Indonesia witnessed a significant incident. A fire erupted at a prominent facility, centering around a specialized varnish machine designed for applying ultraviolet (UV) coatings. Discovered during the early morning hours, the fire was swiftly contained using portable fire extinguishers and a water hydrant. Investigations revealed that the UV coating section of … Read more

AGI’s Exciting New Venture: Hello, Bangladesh!

The global landscape of Forensic Investigation and Disaster Restoration is witnessing a thrilling development. Approved Group International (AGI), a titan in the industry, is spreading its wings further. After making a mark in Malaysia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, and Thailand, AGI is now ready to introduce its unparalleled services and state-of-the-art technology for forensic investigation in … Read more

Unraveling the Enigma: The Power Plant Fire Investigation

In the vast expanse of a state-of-the-art power plant, where machinery hums and energy pulses, an unexpected fire threatened to bring everything to a standstill. The flames, while contained, whispered tales of potential disaster. This is the chronicle of how Approved Group International embarked on a quest to decipher the mystery behind the blaze. The … Read more

Asia’s Hidden Dance: Mould in the Midst of Monsoons

Asia, a tapestry of ancient traditions, bustling cities, and serene landscapes, holds a secret. Beneath the monsoon-kissed skies of India, the rhythmic pulse of Malaysia’s night markets, Thailand’s sun-drenched beaches, Singapore’s skyline, and the Philippines’ island lullabies, there’s a silent dance unfolding. It’s not just the poetic rhythm of raindrops or the embrace of tropical … Read more

Braving the Deluge: AGI’s Remarkable USD $200 Million Recovery Effort in Southeast Asia’s Flood Crisis

Nature’s wrath knows no bounds. When torrential rains battered Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, they left more than just puddles in their wake. As industries faced potential ruin, AGI stepped up, proving that human resilience and expertise can indeed turn the tide. 1. The Waters That Brought Havoc: This wasn’t just a heavy downpour. The floods … Read more