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How Bukit Aman Police HQ Trusted AGI to Disinfect Their Premise

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The SARS CoV 2 (commonly known as Covid-19) pandemic has collapsed businesses and social norms worldwide.

Due to the critical importance of the Bukit Aman Police Headquarters in maintaining civil safety in Malaysia, the Police are not taking any chances in risking the health of their personnel from getting infected especially during a pandemic where frontliners are needed the most.

Why Bukit Aman Police HQ Trusted AGI

AGI’s Professionalism and Thoroughness: Our Trained Professionals will come in with full PPE and thoroughly disinfect all commonly overlooked nooks and crannies using professional-grade virucide.

Consultancy: Our consultants will educate the workers at the Police HQ on how to minimize contamination at the workplace.

Why We Use AGI Virucide & AGI Protect to Disinfect & Protect

The Right Ingredients: AGI Virucide contains more than 60% alcohol that is proven to inactivate many viruses and is yet harmless to humans.

AGI Virucide Saves the Police HQ’s Money: AGI’s disinfectant not only inactivates harmful viruses but also eliminates pesticides and mold, all in one application.

AGI Virucide Does Not Stain: When disinfecting the police headquarters, there are important paperwork and evidence materials lying around, it would be imperative for the virucide to not leave any stains and tamper with the surface in contact.

Quick Drying, No Downtime: Police headquarters are open 24 hours, 7 days a week to protect society from harm. AGI Virucide is harmless to humans as soon as it dries that takes around 15 minutes. Meaning, the Police headquarters will have minimal administrative downtime so they can get right back to business as quickly as possible.

Up to 180 days of Re-Contamination Protection: A busy Police Headquarters has a high chance of re-contamination even after thorough disinfecting. We apply an additional coating of AGI Protect, a chemical that works at a cellular level to inactivate harmful pathogens on re-contaminated surfaces for up to 180 days

Solid Track Record: AGI Virucide has been used all over the world from schools, condominiums, offices, and hospitals.

AGI’s Three-Step Disinfecting Process

Our Disinfecting Professionals will wipe down all commonly touched items (remote, doorknobs, chairs, and desks) with disinfectant and disposable wipes.

STEP 1: We manually wipe commonly touched hard areas with disinfectant.

We will ensure that the contaminated wipes are correctly disposed of as biohazard materials according to safety standards.

STEP 2: Proper disposal of the contaminated wipes.

The final stage of the disinfection process is using the ULV Misting Machine to sanitise the entire premise with the AGI Virucide solution.

FINAL STEP: Our professionals go in with the misting machine to spray the entire area with AGI Virucide.


Bukit Aman HQ Feedback on AGI’s Service

Despite the Police being front liners themselves, they were impressed with how AGI professionals risk their lives to disinfect the police HQ.

We take pride in ensuring that our disinfectant professionals are trained and protected with professional-grade PPE so they can go home safely to their families.

AGI provides not only disinfecting services but also contributes to society by ensuring that our front liners are safe and protected from deadly pathogens. 


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If AGI is good enough to provide disinfecting services to the Bukit Aman Police Headquarters, you can bet that we are good enough for you!

Protect your business and home from deadly pathogens with a professional deep disinfectant virucide treatment. Call us at +603-6188 6311 for a free estimate.

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