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How Using a Professional Grade AGI Virucide Can Inactivate Harmful Viruses

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We are in a pandemic, you’re doing your part with regular cleaning, but it might not be enough, and you’re looking for a way to deeply disinfect your home and business. In this article, you’ll find out:

  • What is a Virus & How Can it Harm Us?
  • How Long Can the Covid-19 Remain Active on Contaminated Surfaces?
  • How to Inactivate the Covid-19?
  • Why Do We Use AGI Virucide as a Professional Disinfectant?
  • Contact Us for a Quotation

Let’s get started by briefly touching the basics:

What is a Virus & How Can it Harm Us?

A Virus: is a microscopic parasite that invades specific healthy cells in your body and hijacks them to make more copies of themselves and causes harm to your body.

The Coronavirus family: are specialized viruses that attack your lungs. Under an electron microscope, these viruses look like they have spikes shaped like crowns (corona in Latin). SARS (in 2002), MERS (in 2012), and the current Covid-19.

The Covid-19: is a new, highly contagious virus that attacks the human lungs, causing fever-like symptoms. 80% of people who are infected recover without any hospital treatment. However, patients who develop difficulties in breathing will need to be hospitalized. Death can occur in cases with complications.

How the Covid-19 Directly Spreads: The first infection was from an animal to a human (which animal is still in speculation), and at this pandemic point, the virus primarily spreads directly from an infected human to another human through coughs, sneezes, or breath that eventually end up in the lungs of a new victim.

How the Covid-19 Indirectly Spreads: Even with no one around, the Covid-19 that travels through an infected person’s cough could float around in the air and land on surfaces like doorknobs and tabletops. If an unsuspecting victim breathes the contaminated air or touches the infected surface and at some point of the day uses their hands to touch their mouth or rub their eyes, the virus will eventually find its way to the new victim’s lungs.

How Long Can the Covid-19 Remain Active on Contaminated Surfaces?

The Covid-19 can remain active on contaminated surfaces for hours and, in some cases, for days. Below is a table of summary of common surfaces that you will come in daily contact either at home or your place of business:

Source: WebMd

Pretty scary! This is why it is super important to:

  1. Regularly disinfect common high traffic areas with common household cleaning solutions, and:
  2. Periodically deep disinfect your home and office by a trusted professional so that you won’t miss a spot and risk further contamination.

How to Inactivate the Covid-19?

Regular household cleaning solutions, soap and alcohol (between 60 to 80%) are known to break down the lipid membrane that is vital in holding the virus together. Take a look at the diagram below for the Covid-19 anatomy:

Source : New Scientist

Without the lipid membrane, the virus will fall apart and is rendered inactive.

This is why medical experts keep telling us to constantly wash our hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or using a 60-80% alcohol-based hand sanitizer to break down any viruses that we could have picked up on our hands during our daily activities.

It is critical to regularly disinfect your home and business especially on surfaces that are frequently touched (e.g. doorknobs, tables, handles, and buttons, etc.)

But there will be a time, where regular cleaning is not thorough enough. It is highly recommended to periodically deep disinfect your home and business with professional-grade chemicals that are potent to the virus yet safe for humans by a trusted professional.

Why Do We Use AGI Virucide as a Professional Disinfectant?

As a professional Sanitization Service Company with more than 20 years of experience in covering 20 countries worldwide, it would be of Approved Group International’s (AGI) best interest to only use the best quality and safest disinfectant in existence; AGI Virucide.

Active Ingredient: AGI Virucide contains more than 60% alcohol which is proven to inactivate tough viruses on surfaces.

It Saves You Money: AGI Virucide is all-purpose; it can inactivate viruses, kill pests, and eliminate molds. Get rid of all these problems in your business or home in one shot and one price.

Easy & Convenient: We’ll do it all for you. We’ll wipe your common high traffic areas down thoroughly and then spray mist the entire area with the AGI Virucide solution. Wait to dry within 15 minutes, and voila! You will be back in business in no time!

Does Not Stain: Does not leave any stains and does not harm your carpets and fabrics. So you can leave your furniture and curtains in while we disinfect without having to go through the hassle of moving your furniture in and out during service.

Odorless: The chemical is odorless and will not leave any chemical smell at all after treatment so your business can run like normal right after it dries within minutes.

Solid Worldwide Track record: If AGI Virucide is trusted and used in these businesses globally, you can rest assured that it is safe to be used in your business and home:

  • Schools
  • Daycare centers
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Vet Clinics
  • Hotels
  • Houses of worship
  • Retirement homes
  • College dorms
  • Police department
  • Correctional facilities

Contact Us for an Estimate

A confirmed Covid-19 case that is traced back to your premise will force your business to shut down immediately for at least a few weeks. The loss of potential income due to the shut down will be astronomical in comparison to the cost of professional disinfecting services.

Protect your business and home from deadly pathogens with a professional deep disinfectant virucide treatment. Call us at +603-6188 6311 for a free estimate.

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