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That is not my granny’s signature!

That is not my granny's signature!

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Team AGI establishes the authorship of a document through pattern comparison, scientific interpretation and empirical reasoning.

AGI's Signature Authentication/ Authorship Determination Methodology
AGI’s Signature Authentication/ Authorship Determination Methodology

AGI Team examines whether the characteristics or signature features, which are conventionally extracted from the disputed signatures are consistent or inconsistent with the reference signatures.

The level of certainty in expressing opinions concerning the authorship of a disputed signature is influenced by the following criteria:

  • A. The examiner concludes if a signature is signed or not signed by a particular signer if there are sufficient similarities or differences present between the disputed and reference signatures.
  • B. The presence of characteristics, which exhibit elements of disguise.
  • C. The number of available reference signatures provided for comparison.
  • D. Presence of significant variations among the reference signatures.

Provide AGI Team with the following documents to facilitate authorship determination:

  • Step 1 The ORIGINAL document with disputed signature
  • Step 2 At least five (5) contemporaneous ORIGINAL signatures of the actual author
  • Step 3 Scanned documents submitted should be of at least 600 dpi
  • Step 4 Photocopied documents can be considered in cases where original signatures are unavailable.

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Our mission is to provide scientific approach to forensic investigation, failure analysis and non-destructive testing; professional and economical disaster restoration.

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