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AGI Named One of the Top Malaysian Consulting Companies 2021

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Approved Group International was recently named as one of the Top Malaysian Consulting Companies of 2021 by Best Startup Asia! The criteria of the ranking were based on exceptional performance in innovation, growth, management, and societal impact.

A truly exciting feat, we are proud of this momentous achievement and pledge to continue providing top of the line services across the industries of forensic investigation, disaster restoration, damage assessment, technical inspection, lift audit, escalator audit and sterilization. Being in this line of business, it is imperative that we constantly evolve and upgrade to meet the demands of the industry, and we have been hard at work doing just that.

Among the latest initiatives, what we have rolled out is a Webinar Series focusing on a wide range of topics. To ensure the best viewing experience for all audience, we have invested in a supercomputer which significantly speeds up processing time and reduces lag to low bandwidth countries. AGI has also invested in state-of-the-art equipment such as studio lighting, camera, microphones, and stream decks to help us produce high quality videos.

The webinars are hosted by our very own team of professionals and have been very well received globally. Among the topics we have covered include:

  1. What You Need to Know About Lifts for Insurance and Loss Adjusters
  2. What is Fire?
  3. Assessing Engineering Losses with the Help of Technology
  4. Introduction to Boilers
  5. Why Do You Need a Lift Auditor?

and many more exciting subjects! Do head on over to AGI’s website to check out our informative webinars.

A vital part of being able to do what we do is the technology we use across our services. AGI prides itself in utilising cutting edge technology that sets us apart from the rest. From incorporating 3D-scanning in our site investigations to accident reconstruction software for vehicle accidents, improved cloud infrastructure, infrared thermography, VR simulations, animations, drones and more, we strive to continuously provide the best for our clients.

AGI is also the only company in Malaysia to use Steramist, a sterilisation and decontamination system created by TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc. designed to sterilise all types of buildings and surfaces effectively without any downtime. This exclusive partnership between TOMI’s Asian Representative L3M International and AGI allows us to provide top disinfection services in Malaysia which is particularly useful now during the pandemic.

Not forgetting our efforts towards zero net waste, AGI has also undertaken several key initiatives towards achieving complete sustainability and conservation of resources. Among these include sending debris, industrial and commercial waste from our disaster restoration and forensic investigation sites to specialised firms to be managed, usage of bio-degradable gloves, practicing going paperless, installing solar panels, and many more. Being recognised as one of Malaysia’s Top Consulting Companies truly reflects our endeavours, and we promise to continue providing top-notch services. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their strong support throughout the years.

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Our mission is to provide scientific approach to forensic investigation, failure analysis and non-destructive testing; professional and economical disaster restoration.

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