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On 15 December 2016, Thursday, at about 1400 hours, there was an incident involving a transformer/ switchgear located in the premises of a golf resort in Johor. The witness/ technician of the golf resort stated that he heard an ‘explosion’ like sound while he was waiting for a meeting with the General Manager at the clubhouse nearby. Upon hearing the sound, he went to the area of incident to assess the situation. The sound came from one of the transformers that was placed at the carpark just in front of the clubhouse.

Approved Forensics Sdn Bhd was engaged to verify if the damage to the switchgear of the transformer was caused by a fire incident. The inspection was conducted during the Team’s travel to the golf resort. The photographs of the scene and the equipment were taken for damage assessment and for reference purposes.

After collecting all relevant information, the Team then analysed the damage to the affected transformer/switchgears to determine if indeed it was caused by fire incident.

Figure 1: Photograph of the affected switchgear. Soot was found deposited on the lower interior section of the doors. Oxidation was observed on the lower bottom section of the right door, close to the area where the cables from the Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) room is connected.
Figure 2: No soot and heat damage was observed inside the interior of the distribution panel and the switchgear. This indicates the failure was not due to the components inside the panels.
Figure 3: Severe oxidation was observed on the metal casing of the cable connected to the outgoing feeder in the VCB room.
Figure 4: The cables that connect the transformer to the outgoing feeder located below the switchgear were observed to be damaged. The metal casing holding the cables was also dislodged.

Based on the Team’s interpretation of the damage observed on Transformer 1 switchgear, it is the Team’s finding that no fire was involved in this incident. There was no potential fuel load present inside the housing of Transformer 1 switchgear and the cable that is used for the connection is known for its durability and heat-resistance.

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